Онлайн тест по-английскому

учить английский

Вам предстоит пройти тест на определение общего уровня владения английским языком. Тест содержит 50 предложений. Заполните пробелы в каждом из них, кликнув мышкой на тот вариант ответа, который считаете верным. В конце теста вы увидите свой результат и оценку  вашего примерного уровня.



Чтобы начать тестирование, нажмите кнопку ВПЕРЕД.


1. Mary __ English.
2. __ there any souvenir shop near here?
3. Look! The train __.
4. I can’t write, my __ hurts.
5. I didn’t __ to the office yesterday.
6. Listen to the dialogue and choose the correction option. Read the options before listening.

What was the time when Jessica and John met?
7. I’ve never __ to Great Britain.
8. __ to go to the theatre tonight?
9. Excuse me, __ time please?
10. Egypt has __ pyramid in the world.
11. This book is so interesting, I can’t stop __ it.
12. Tom and Alice __ married since 2005.
13. They are from Moscow, __?
14. She never drinks __ milk.
15. You should hurry up or you’ll __ your bus!
16. I don’t know many people __ still use Nokia 3310 nowadays.
17. My teacher ___ me to read more books in English.
18. Listen to the Dialogue and choose the correct option. Read the options before listening.

Did the lady buy apple juice?
19. I hurt my arm __ I was playing basketball yesterday.
20. ‘Do you like your job?’ - ‘Yes, I love it, because every day is different and I like using my __.'
21. He left the room without saying __.
22. You should __ for instructions if do not know the rules.
23. We expect you __ on time.
24. A lot of goods __ in China.
25. I will take a shower __ I go to bed.
26. Someone who gives a lot of presents is __.
27. I am small. If only I __ taller.
28. Listen to the Dialogue and choose the correct option.

‘Where should we go?’ – ‘I thought we could try that __ on the corner.'
29. I often run __ money at the end of the month.
30. The more they looked at that painting, __.
31. If I __ earlier, I wouldn't have been late for the exam.
32. There were __ of people at the stadium yesterday.
33. She acted strangely, __ she was frightened.
34. __ to take your glasses. You will need them at the concert.
35. It is a very important meeting. We can’t put it __.
36. Where is your bike today? It __ repaired.
37. You can stop looking for his purse. He __ just __ it.
38. Mona Simpson is Steve Jobs’s sister. Jobs was __ when he was born, but in the 1980s he found his biological mother.
39. They didn’t like the town as there were __ places to go there.
40. There’s __ in applying for this job. The office is too far from my place.
41. Listen to the Dialogue and choose the correct answer to the question below. Read the options before listening.

Why was Jessica sent to an afterschool Chinese language program?
42. You __ be really excited about your new job.
43. We’ll get along fine __  she minds her own business.
44. __ days he remained __ a deep coma.
45. ‘Don’t make jokes in the office.’ I came to this __ recently while talking to my colleagues.
46. The new software is __. I don’t know how we managed without it.
47. He doesn’t feel like playing golf because he’s _.
48. They gave us a pasta dish topped with grated ___.
49. Listen to the dialogue and answer the question below by choosing the right answer. Read the question and the answers before listening.

What was the weather like during the soccer game Manchester United vs Chelsea?
50. Since I changed to a part-time contract I have more time __.


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